And they called it pyjama love

If you’re anything like me, no matter the time of day if I’m in the house I have pyjamas, a dressing gown and slippers on. Is there a better feeling than being all cosy, comfy and warm?! Image result for dressing gown memes

As well as shopping in Boux Avenue for my underwear, I also ADORE their pyjamas. They are the softest material ever and just simply amazing. I have Christmas PJs, fluffy PJs, lightweight ones for summer, dressing gowns, onesies, fluffy socks and many many more stuff. The dressing gown I have from Boux goes down to my mid shin as I’m only 5ft2 AND A HALF. So, personally, I prefer the ones that come to above your knee. The style top I prefer is the tank top, they are always so so soft and fit nicely. These tops are often come with shorts and I love that! I’m not a huge fan of full leg PJs bottoms simply because they are always too big for me. The only issue I have though is that I need a size 10 to fit my boobs, but sometimes an 8 or even a 6 for my bottoms, but they come together (top and shorts) as size 10 or 8. So, I either have a top too tight or bottoms far too big and far too easy for Ellie to keg me Thank you very much, Eleanor.

But I thought I’d show you my favourite PJs and dressing gowns available in Boux Avenue now:

Favourite short sets

1.2. Pretty pig vest and shorts set3. Bunny tee and shorts set

Favourite pants and pant sets:

4. 5. Minky heart fleece pants6. 

Favourite dressing gowns (robes as they call them on their website, how posh lol):

7. Star robe8. Neon star fleece robe9. Winnie waffle robe

  1.  (yes, they’re Christmas themes and it’s January BUT they’re still amazing)
  2.   (I’m wearing these exact ones as I’m writing this!!!)