Bedroom Furniture- Interior Design.

Furniture tour of my bedroom.

Hey MTV, Welcome to my crib. (i’ve always wanted to say that.. that and the disney channel magic wand intro, a girl can dream).

I would say I spend more time in my bedroom than anywhere else in the world. This may be because the 7 alarms cannot wake me or the fact that my room has become the comfiest place in the house.

I haven’t changed my room a crazy amount. I have done the traditional Barbie (with the coolest pink sparkly walls), too Groovy Chick and now the adult sanctuary I have to date. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Groovy Chick. She’s so hip and cool, however, it didn’t help my street cred. The one thing that has remained the same, my bed. This single bed was my first and its still going strong. Its been through the wars. Shout out to my brother, who thought it would be a great idea to jump on it… as an adult. The nail polish I tested on it over the years or the sellotape which has been stuck there since Christmas 2007. Nothing can break it.

I basically, redesigned my room around this bed. I was given the chance to change it but instead I chose a rather delightful built in wardrobe. Walking around Fenwick I found the most beautiful wardrobe by Hammonds. “Palladian” a classic look for any room. A white finished wardrobe with Swarovski crystal handles. Glamorous but not tacky, the true aim of my life. After fluttering my lashes at my dad, I got the matching bed side table, which has become a great dumping ground for water bottles and tubes of smarties.  Now, I hear you ask, are the handles necessary? no, but do they make you feel like a princess when you open it to try and find something to wear? absolutely. DSC_0121.jpg

The last furniture pieces I have in my crib, a side table to match the 100000 year old bed. An ottoman which is the all important shoe box. But as of last week, a TkMaxx find. It could be the find of the year, a chair. Everyone has a chair. The chair. Its not a chair to sit on really, I just looks good and its a great storage solution for clothes that haven’t made it back into the wardrobe. The chair is funky. Groovy chick standard of cool. Cow print, wooden legs, silver caps on the feet. COOL. The fabric colour fits perfectly into the room. In the light the fabric has a pink hue, without light its your classic cow colour a sort of dirty white with bluey, blacky patches. And as I’m a little extra it’s sat on a sheepskin rug. Told you i’m cool.IMG_2685.JPG

Now I am slightly biased and trying hard not to be hifalutin*… but I think this room is the bees knees. Its the Call Me Maybe for Carly Rae Jepsen, a smash hit that I probably won’t be able to repeat.




*hifalutin is a word I don’t actually know but its sounds fancy… I think it means brag/cocky etc



Chair: TkMaxx/Home Sense find

Rug: LUDDE Off-white Sheepskin IKEA

Ottoman: IKEA


Eyeshadow Connoisseur- Naked Heat

If you are like me and a little obsessed with eye shadow then we would get on very very well. Over the years I have become a collector of eyeshadow palettes, no colour is too bright nor glitter too sparkly.

From now on you can call me the eyeshadow connoisseur.

The latest palette I have added to the pile, is the NAKED HEAT. I am a lover of all Urban Decay shadows, both Maddey and I have quite the collection (smokey, 1,2 and 3) and use them as our ‘go to’ day eyes.

I have blue eyes, or as one guy said they were as blue as the ocean… what a flirt. Sadly, they are not as blue as the ocean and he did not get my number but they are blue. This means one thing Copper Copper Copper.

The Heat palette is full of fiery coppers and incredible glitters. And the brush.. unlike the other UD brushes.. is round. I have hooded eyes, so having the right shaped brush too me is more important than the colours! If you are thinking should I Shouldn’t I with this palette. The answer is Yes, Sí, Oui, Ja…. no matter the language it should be a YES!DSC_0117

What I like to use for my ‘day’ look.

  • All over my lid with SAUCED
  • LOW BLOW as a transition colour (sitting on top of my eye socket)
  • HE DEVIL and EN FUEGO mixed to together and blended into the socket
  • ASHES lightly blended in a V shape at the outer eye
  • EMBER put on the darkest base layers
  • SCORCHED in the middle
  • LUMBRE in the inner corner
  • OUNCE onto the tear duct

My biggest tip with eye shadow is blend. Blend everything, then blend again. You have to be the nutri bullet of eye shadow, every colour should just flow into the next. Well that is if you want it like this. If you’re wanting a more grungy look then I would calm down the blending.





DSC_0115DSC_0116Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow/Magic foundation (number 2), Film star glow for bronze and highlight. YSL mascara.

Now one down fall is literally the fall down. I don’t find this a massive problem, if I am going to go for a really dramatic eye, I do the shadow first. If its just a casual eye then the fall down is next to nothing, a quick wipe under the eye, a touch up of concealer/foundation and I’m ready to rock and roll.

I am yet to try these colours on Maddey with her massive  brown eyes, but I’m sure it will look dreamy.

I, The Eyeshadow Connoisseur, gives this product FIVE STARS, or if you are a Strictly fan a TEN FROM LEN.



quick Q and A

We thought a Q and A or Panda as autocorrect would have you to believe, is the perfect place to start.

*pauses for 30 minutes as we try to think of questions*

What is your favourite beauty product?

E: Charlotte Tilbury magic Foundation or the Naked HEAT palette. yes HEAT has to be in capitals as its increddddible.

M: It would have to be bronzer other wise my face just looks square.

What is your favourite food?

E: ice cream. ice cream. ice cream

M: 100% crimbo dinner. Its never too early or late for christmas. “this place reminds me of santas workshop… expect it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me” ELF.

What could you not leave the house without?

E: Sunglasses… Lip balm… A jacket, no matter how hot it is i’ll be wearing a jacket, I will also be regretting wearing the jacket.

M: ugh it has to be my phone but its also my camera, map and only way of knowing how many steps I have done so its important and needed right??? (btw my step count today is 11,584)

What is one thing you dream of owning?

E: Fashion wise, a Gucci Dionysus bag would go down a treat

M: Simple Hermes bag. A classic.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 18.21.01.jpg