A mini rant about trends.

Do you ever walk down the street and say to yourself “but why???” I do, I’m all about being who you are and expressing yourself but i’m not being funny some of these beauty trends need to stop. For most girls, experimenting with makeup stops around 15 when you realised how to put it on and that those stupid sponge ‘brushes’ that put eye shadow on are shit.

I was never a massive makeup fan when I was younger… well I did have that mouse foundation which was the craze. Anyone else go for a very very light foundation, lighter than you needed to give you that flawless finish?! That was it for face, you kept the foundation on your lips as it was like a  nude lipstick. A little bit of mascara, borrowed off your mum and you were away. NOT ANYMORE. I see 14 years walking around with faces that look like they’ve been carved by Michelangelo. Have you ever eaten marmite on toast, and you can’t fit it all in your mouth so you get marmite on your checks?? maybe that’s just me..well that’s the contour. Eyebrows that are not eyebrows. I actually don’t know what they are? Thick, black, a fade that is extra faded. Eyeshadow and eyeliner which is so sharp it could kill. Highlight that is on Ecstasy. It goes so high up, basically everything is highlighted. I blame the Kardashians….. You will notice, now I’ve pointed it out this makeup trend, that you can no longer see any person behind the makeup. Every girl looks the same. Same colour face, same eyebrows, same everything. Makeup to me is about enhancing not hiding! Sometimes less is more.

Crop top!!!! Crop should get the chop. Why is everything cropped??? I used to shop in Topshop now I shop in ZARA don’t know if I have said but I shop in Zara. Every Jumper and t-shirt in Topshop was cropped, is cropped and will be cropped. Auto correct wants Topshop to be Toyshop which is very fitting considering there clothes would only fit Barbies. I am a massive lover of jumpers. My go to is jumper and jeans… I have bought some cropped jumpers from Topshop and they are soooooo annoying. I wear jumpers because I’m cold, so having my stomach out in the middle of winter isn’t helping. When did it become a trend? I always thought trends come and go. Why hasn’t this trend gone???

Another thing on my rant list is merchandise. Have you ever noticed how many girls are walking around with Nirvana slogan tops. The only reason girls know of the band is because Little Mix did a cover… don’t actually know if that’s true. Buying tour merch is part of the show.. you buy the tour t-shirt so you can have a new pj top. Not so you wear it in public. Right now you can buy a top from a well known Toyshop (yes I actually mean Topshop) that has KISS across the front. Its not cool, or grungy. You are not a fan of the band if all you have heard is one song, but can’t remember how it goes. Now I could wear a 1D top out and about, I could sing all their songs just like that. Hi Harry Styles, call me. But I won’t, why? because its a pyjama top!!

Thigh high boots. Hear me out. Picture this: I go on insta, I’m scrolling down. I stop. WOW she’s so cool, her thigh high boots look amazing, you can see the quality, bet they are designer, oh nice Stuart Weitzman. I scroll a little more, a girl wearing a cheap version that have fallen down because the fabric is rubbish. That is what I hate, the cheap version! Who wants to tell people that they ain’t stylish. Oh and pairing them with a mini, still isn’t channelling the 60’s.

Belts are handy things. They stop people being able to see your crack.. however, belts recently have became something else. The humble belt has evolved into a corset-like item. This corset belt is truly hideous, especially when it is worn over a t-shirt. If you are wanting to channel Agatha Trunchbull then head to ZARA, they have loads of them. Unfortunately halloween has already past so you will have to wait until next year to dress up as a scary, hammer throwing, head teacher. Just because a designer did it on a runway doesn’t mean it looks good. If I ever see anyone wearing one I will send them to the chokey, to teach them a lesson. This trend shouldn’t be a trend, lets keep the belt as just a belt, cheers. Just so you know I’m right and you’re wrong, and theres no thing you can do about it.Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 12.32.47

My last one, I don’t even know what it is. Basically, you get a dress then you take a pair of scissors to it. Are these still clothes, half the material is gone?? Like there’s a front of the dress and a back but the side is just some string. I think some people call these ‘Cut outs’. Cut outs to the extreme. Now I don’t want to sound rude, and if you like them, you like them but when I see them I just think stripper. Wheres your pole babes?? I’m the pole-r opposite, I like to have the full dress and have people think that I look ‘boring’ than have people think I look cheaper than a happy meal.

If you are reading this and think what a bitch I love all these trends. Then you go Glenn Coco, no-one is stopping you! But if you are agreeing with me then you are either, old..er than young, are a friend and we have discussed it or you are Maddey.

Please don’t take offence to my tongue-in- cheek, you need to be strong, as strong as the lace holding your dress in place.




Luxurious Handbag Collection

Anyone that knows my family will know that I am exactly like my Auntie Sue, not only because we are the shortest in the family, not because we both have brown hair, brown eyes and skin that tans naturally, not even because we have very similar personalities, but because we both LOVE handbags!!!!!

I really enjoy reading and watching about other people’s collections, so Ellie and I decided that we would do some blog posts all about our collections, such as jackets, makeup, handbags, shoes etc.

If you love handbags as much as myself, Ellie (and Auntie Sue) then keep on reading:


These first two bags (Ellies on left, Maddey’s on the right) are our 18th birthday Mulberry handbags! We both got ours in the shop in Mulberry York! Ellie’s is the Classic Bayswater in chocolate brown (we think they may have stopped doing this colour, but oxblood is a similar colour, just a bit more purple!). When I went to pick out my bag, I tried on this BEAUTIFUL bright red bayswater but apparently it looked stupidly big on my little body!! So instead I chose this limited edition Del Rey leather bag in Oak. WE LOVE THEM, THANKS MUM AND DAD!!!

(sorry for the bad pics, Ellie’s’ camera is wayyyyy better than my iPhone!)…anyway, this bag is my everyday handbag, it is the Louis Vuitton speedy 25 bag in monogram canvas! This bag was originally Ellie’s but I mean whats hers is mine and what is mine is mine, makes sense right?!!! This bag is so versatile and is just the right size for everything you need on a shopping trip: purse, phone, glasses case and sunglasses case (+the tee towel to fill it out at the bottom!).


This bag is my trusty Michael Kors Fulton bag in brown. I got this bag for Christmas maybe 3 or 4 years ago?! I remember pointing it out to my mum in Edinburgh and then weirdly not noticing she was carrying around a massive Jenners bag around all day! It is a super slouchy, soft leather bag which used to be my school bag but is now my uni bag (yes, I was that girl who had MK bag as her school bag) . It is like Mary Poppin’s bag, in that, it is so deep that you can literally start pulling out hat stands, big mirrors..“but theres nothing in it?!…well never just things by their appearance, even carpet leather bag. Because I never do”

This is Ellie’s little black bag. A classic, just like a Little black dress. Everyone needs one! She uses this bag as her out out bag. Its the perfect size for keys, phone, purse, medium fries. See the zip that runs around the lid of the bag… its a secret pocket! Very very practical!

now this bag, is my most favourite, most beautiful thing I own. I got this GORGEOUS Chloe bag as a well done present for being the cleverest in the family (you’re welcome mum and dad). Me and Ellie saw this bag just sitting there in Fenwick bag department and we went weak at the knees! This bag is the bag of all bags and my all time favourite. As our dad always tells us “understated wealth, that is the aim” and this bag is just that! Not too flashy and in your face but enough to make you think ‘mm nice bag’!!

This is my going out bag, this matches all my outfits as it is neutral coloured and is the right size for my keys, money, phone and plans to get home. (I don’t actually take keys out so, change that to perfume!). This bag the DKNY Sutton Leather small cross body bag. It comes with a long and short strap but I only ever use the short one. I got this bag for passing my GCSEs cos you know they’re REALLY hard… but it has lasted me so well on many wild nights out and always made it home in once piece!


So these are our favourite designer bags that we have at the minute! Hope you enjoyed this little post into our handbag wardrobe!

Mads x


links to our bags (or similar bags)

Ellie’s mulberry: https://www.mulberry.com/gb/shop/women/bags/heritage-bayswater-oxblood-natural-leather?gclid=CjwKCAjw7frPBRBVEiwAuDf_LR16IxcmxwVfHb9Cj9yih6wGzN2Eh2Tsq0CcAtO8hPKutMD2NORuRRoC1dAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Maddey’s mulberry (not exact bag, this one is smaller but you get the gist): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Mulberry-Del-Rey-Bag-Oak-With-Soft-Gold-Detailing-/263060674586

Maddey’s Louis Vuitton bag: http://uk.louisvuitton.com/eng-gb/products/speedy-25-monogram-008777

Maddey’s Michael Kors bag: https://www.fashionette.co.uk/michael-michael-kors-lupita-lg-hobo-bag-black?adword=e_psm%2FUK_GoogleShopping%2FUK_EN_b_GoogleShopping%2FMichaelKors%2FHandbags%2FHoboBags%2F86552&gclid=CjwKCAjw7frPBRBVEiwAuDf_LXPlnDtsgjzH74tH7YggDfBbHa4cB1_3kabFv3ok1NiwblW8OwrVNhoC21YQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&utm_campaign=MichaelKors&utm_medium=UK-GoogleShopping&utm_source=PSM

Ellie’s Michael Kors bag: https://www.michaelkors.co.uk/jet-set-large-saffiano-leather-crossbody/_/R-32S4GTVC3L?color=0001&ecid=MKC_GB_En_PLA&gclid=CjwKCAiA0IXQBRA2EiwAMODil62yz8adUyDfXi24wd8ArjWyqGdx69fu-U7TCy-h8icjRbhSp8lagRoCYrwQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Maddey’s DKNY bag: https://www.johnlewis.com/dkny-sutton-leather-small-cross-body-bag/p3298266?sku=236956021&s_kwcid=2dx92700026893098066&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=CjwKCAjw7frPBRBVEiwAuDf_LUnjyQSkCT0vr267gLJLeS230Xva1YM5d3ugyglInmJ90njxXRXqoRoCu-MQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Maddey’s Chloe bag: https://www.chloe.com/gb/shoulder-bag_cod45349855tb.html

The dream and the dupe.

Remember when you were at school and you would plead with your mum to buy you the Rebel Rebel trousers but she would always buy you M&S because the quality was second to non? Well this post is the opposite. Turns out, money doesn’t grow on trees and your mum will stop funding your life..unbelievable. Sadly one day, you might have to buy the cheaper version. But for all 13 year olds out there, I hope those trousers are 100% out of fashion!

Here are my favourite dupes at the moment!

Zara Oversized Chenille Sweater £29.99 vs Tesco F&F Chenille Boxy Jumper £14.00. I loved the Zara version (in every colour) but I thought Ellie just wait, don’t spend all your money at once. So as I popped into Tesco to buy some Milk. I left with a new jumper… and no milk… Thank you Mr Tesco, very helpful. In all seriousness, this F&F jumper is Fabulous&Fashionable. Oh and no-one thinks its from Tesco. (I actually have it in black not pink).Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.14.10

Gucci-Ace White Leather Trainers £495.00 vs Zara Printed Plimsolls with Studs £39.99. Ok OK, these are not that similar but they are close enough. I am patiently waiting for these to come in stock… but I’m also patiently waiting to buy the real deal. Its like I’m on Deal or No Deal and the banker has given me the Zara ones but I’m not sure if the gucci’s are in my box y’know. Do I just risk it for a chocolate biscuit??Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.14.51

Oliver Bonas- Sharp Tide Side Skirt £49.50 vs Lipsy London- Wrap Skrit £28.00. As I’m a little (replace little with extremely) obsessed with Oliver Bonas I had to buy the skirt. Like Zara, every time I go in I leave with something. Maybe I need help. If you are tall like me (or if like to keep things dignified) this skirt is the perfect length. The only cheeks anyone will see are the ones that are flawlessly contoured… on your face.Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.16.57

Gucci- Horsebit Brixton Loafers £540.00 vs Fairfax and Favor- The Apsley Black Loafers £175.00. I adore my Fairfax & Favor loafers… apart from that time I wore them without pop socks to walk two miles in the hot Leeds sun. Thank you for the Savlon Sophia, the blisters only took about three months to heal. With these on your feet you look tailored to the max.Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.26.13

Gucci Logo Cotton T-shirt £370 vs Levi’s Perfect Graphic Tee £25.00. If you are wanting to look effortlessly cool in a pair of jeans, a baggy t-shirt and a pair of converse. Then you need a graphic tee. In my dreams I wear the Gucci Tee but £370 for a cotton T-shirt. £370. £370?? Three Hundred and Seventy Pounds.Im going to say it once more £370? WTF. If you were to buy the Levi’s one, you could buy 14 for the same price as the Gucci. Thats a new one every month.Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.40.55

Sophia Webster- Stella Ankle Boots £505.00 vs River Island Black pointed Embellished block heel £45.00. Same Same but Different. If you are thinking a black ankle boot with a little extra wow factor.. head to RI! I’m not a big shopper of River Island but I had to buy these boots! Unless you are the big spender then you might as well buy the Sophia Webster’s because they are dreamy as!Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.19.13

Im still thinking about that Gucci T-shirt.. in what world is that price ok for a t-shirt?! If I ever see anyone wearing it from now on, I will shake their hand to congratulate them, then I would slap them and inform them how stupid the price is! wow I sound like a mother.

Sometimes the Dupe is enough. Yes its not the real deal. Yes if its from ZARA then everyone will buy it. But it won’t break the bank…. well it might depending on how many you buy. 

One thing to remember is if its cheap… it might not last that long. Back in the day, those Rebel Rebel pants were ruined on a weekly basis, but they only cost £10! Wearing them seemed to be “cool” but really it was tacky. Really, really tacky. And chavvy. If you paired those trousers, with a little brown bag (for a lunch bag) and a Jane Norman (for a PE bag) you were going places. Sometimes, its better to spend more and get a better quality product over buying the cheapest thing to save the pennies.

So with that in mind, go internet shopping on Harrods. Fill you basket, watch those pennies turn into thousands. Then close that window forget about designers and head for the high street!





All images taken from brands website.



The Rebel- Charlotte Tilbury

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed by Charlotte Tilbury, I just really really like it. Maddey and I could open our own CT store.. in rural Northumberland… I’m sure people would come.

I have re-created one of Charlottes signature looks, The Rebel. If you tick these boxes, you should try it. Are you Bold? CHECK. Are you Brave? CHECK- but don’t turn off the lights. Or if you like to be daring and your thinking it’s getting a bit cold to get my boobs out, this look is just as daring.. and the boys will still wink a you.. sadly.  If this look was a girl, she probably drives a fiat 500 but not a white one, a black one, maybe with a cool colour inside. Classic with an edge.

In the words of Charlotte ‘Ok Darlings, lets get started’.


  • Brow lift (its either called Cara D or supermodel), brush them up, colour them in. Just like a super cool art student.
  • Your going to think I’m crazy but I do my Eyeliner first. Now hear me out.. If you get your eyeliner perfect now and you will be left with a faded line to follow at the end. No more throwing your eyeliner at the mirror and refusing to go out.
  • Cover the lid with the Eyes to mesmerise Cleopatra, this gives you a great base to work on top of.

It’s now time for the eye shadow! The best part.

  • Take your enhance shade and blend it across the entire lid. Open your eye and blend up and out (towards the end of the eyebrow).
  • Blend the smoke shade into the socket and outer corner.
  • Its glitter time. With your finger place the pop shade all over the eyeshadow. If you like it really really glittery… like me, add more of the pop shade with a flat brush. Pressing it onto the lid. For more depth mix the prime shade with the pop shade.
  • Using the Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencil, trace over your original eyeliner (only do the flick and about 1/3 of the eye), I go back with the smoke shade on top, making it more ‘smudgy’.
  • Run the enhance shade underneath the eye
  • Curl you lashes, Mascara, then lashes.
  • With a big fluffy brush, blend the edges once more.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

DSC_0281Remove any fall down and move on to the dreamy base.DSC_0286.jpg


  • Prep the skin with Wonderglow primer
  • Magic foundation (shade 2 for me). All over, I start in the middle section of your face and work out. (I like my skin to look like skin rather than leather). Where I need more coverage, I ‘bounce the brush’ to leave more product in that area.
  • The retoucher (shade 1), under my eyes. I don’t do the ‘triangle’ that goes from under your eye to the side of your mouth. why do that..seriously you end up looking like Casper?! I just use as much as I need. If I have any blemishes, I would also cover them… obviously.
  • Hollywood contour (light to medium), on the hollows of my cheeks…follow the hollow.. On top of that the Filmstar Bronze and Glow (light to medium).
  • A bit of blush to make the look pop!


I always go for this combo, Pillow Talk and Penelope Pink, this combo is as legendary as a Tango IceBlast and popcorn at the pictures. Funny enough its probably the same price.

  • Line you lips with Pillow talk
  • Lipstick time: Penelope Pink

Bish, Bash, Bosh.Version 2

I just love this look. L. O. V. E. Imagine this look for those christmas parties; a little black dress, a sparkly bag in one hand and a bottle of Prosecco in the other. You’ll be getting all the attention!

I would recommend CT products. Its not cheap. However, I feel that they are worth the money. You could always sell a kidney to give you some extra cash. I could not live without:

  1. Magic foundation. £30.00 Great for day or night, very build-able to create a flawless finish
  2. Filmstar Bronze and Glow. £49.00. Only £49.00 to look like a VS angel…bargain.
  3. Lipsticks: Penelope Pink and Pillow Talk £24.00(lipstick) £16.00 (liner), the perfect nude lipstick combo.
  4. Brow Lift. £22.50. don’t ask me why, I just like it!

I wonder what will be the next purchase, maybe another eyeshadow palette or a new lipstick. I really should buy a new foundation, I’m on that scrapping stage.. i know, I’m gross. But sadly, I will have to wait until my next pay check, I’ve already spent this weeks. well done ZARA, my new jumpers are pretty though…

Other products I used:

  • Eyes to mesmerise, Cleopatra, £22.00
  • The Rebel eyeshadow palette, £39.00
  • Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencil, Barbarella Brown, £19.00
  • Full Fat lashes mascara, £23.00
  • Wonderglow Primer, £3.850
  • The retoucher, £25.00
  • Hollywood Contour. Light to medium contour, £29.00.
  • Hollywood highlight. £29.00



PS. If you want to see this look in a video form (don’t think too big, I’m not actually Charlotte) give me a Holla!




Friday night fashion

Its no secret that I do love a night out!! But, since moving to Manchester I don’t really go out anymore mainly because the nights out are so bad compared to at home… I guess I’m the most boring fresher ever?! Soooo, whenever I come home, I go out with my best friend, Becca. We tend to (as in always) go to YOLO and House of Smith on Friday’s. Apart from the double vodka blackcurrant lemonades, we both LOVE getting all glam, even though we know we will inevitably look a mess in Greggs at 3:00am standing in our Primark flipflops from the toilet ladies (shout out to Madeleine in the House of Smith toilets, i’m sorry for shouting “WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!!!” love you babe!!)

Now, recently a lot of people have been saying how much i have changed, Ellie said i have grown into my head and I no longer look like an alien, but to be honest i think its just that i dress A LOT better than how I used to when I first started going to town. Tamar don’t worry, my skirt is not getting shorter in each Instagram now!!! 

Its usually about the Monday when I start thinking about what to wear for the night out, I send pictures to Ellie and Becca saying “yay or nay?”..recently I have been really feeling what me and Ellie are calling the “classy yet sexy kinda of glam”. I love the silver/grey colours/shades at the minute and think that it looks amazing with my dark hair and eyes.

Basically, I just thought I’d show some of my favourite recent looks!!!


This look was what I wore 4 days ago, the dress is from Pretty Little Thing for £28. ovbiosuly the plunge is quite drastic, at first we put a red and black lacy bra on underneath but it looked too much and we decided it needed to be more pretty and subtle (if that’s what you can call having a plunge to your belly button??), so we chucked on this pretty bra from Boux! The shoes are from miss guided but I bought them a while ago! We loved the look and i was able to dance the night away perfectly fine without feeling sometime was going to fall out!


So, if you have Ellie on Snapchat this is the skirt that came down to just above my ankles lol i’m so short. The skirt, that is originally meant to be a midi skirt, is from Pretty Little Thing and is this really soft, almost velvety kind of vibes. The frilly cream top is from River Island, we both don’t usually shop in River Island anymore as we find their designs are just a bit meh, but recently they’ve upped their game and every so often I will pop in, thats if i can be bothered to walk 20 mins to the Arndale Centre! The bag is DKNY, Choker from Tesco (don’t knock F&F) and the shoes…omg the shoes…hold onto your hats lads…cost me £1. You can’t even buy a chicken bake with £1. Ellie once forced me to a charity shop were we found these brand new heels from River Island (I think)!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This look was from my 19th birthday, i came to the conclusion that its my birthday i can wear as much  sparkle as i want! This amazing dress is from In The Style, my pom pom shoes (deceivingly comfy) are from Missguided! There’s not much to say about this look, the dress says it all!!!!

You can take the girl out of Newcastle but can never take Newcastle out the girl…It’s Becca’s birthday night out in 2 weeks so see you then HOS!!!

mads x



Nine times out of ten I say ‘its from ZARA’. I love it… not the website though, thats a wee bit stressful. The models should also get told how to stand, but thats not the point. The point is that I have ‘bought’ a few new pieces in ZARA recently. Shock.

If you are thinking I should go to ZARA, then let me give you some new rules. 1. try everything it on, the sizes are crazy. In one thing you could be a S and in another a XXL. 2. Look, look and look again. Its like crossing the road. They pile their stock up, clothes are behind other clothes. 3. Give ZARA your life and go at least 3 times a week, their stock rotation is impressive. You can thank myself and Dua Lipa for our rules later.

My current favourite ZARA purchases:

This pompom jumper, I just think its really cool. And if I’m ever in need of another job I can easily become a clown. Oversized, grey with pompoms, I didn’t know I needed such jumper but ZARA knew I did.DSC_0230

A simple black bag. I have heart eyed over this bag for years… well the chanel one but this is very similar. Its really not, but we can pretend. For the price (£80) I was laughing. Sort of. Technically mum bought me it, for my birthday.. but the exchange of money isn’t the important part right?!. Everyone comments on how ‘lush’ the bag is. I could be naked and someone would tell me my bag is lush. eyes up here lads, eyes   up    here.DSC_0277

Velvet. Platform. Brogues. Going once, going twice, going three times.. Sold to Christopher and Aileen. Thank you Cj and Ails these shoes are my fav. Don’t know what else to say about these really. If you feel good you look good. tbh it was all Aileen, well done for picking up on ZARA love list!DSC_0284

If you buy the shoes you should buy this jacket too. There are a few things in life that go together: Fish and chips, knifes and forks, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, Maddey and a Greggs Chicken bake. Some things are made to go together. A biker style jacket, that on their website they zip up fully. Not sure why though, nobody wears a jacket zipped up. Thats not how you wear a jacket. Why I hear you ask, its called fashion darling.dsc_0271.jpg

If you think ZARA its just full of cheap frills, then you are sort of wrong. Its true some stuff is tacky (and I hate it). Some stuff has “funny” puns on the front… or on the back. And some stuff would only fit an eight year old. But you can find absolute gems. Make sure you buy whatever you like straight away though.. otherwise you will be wearing that coat along with everyone else in the country. yes Maddey, you had it first.

Now its winter, this fake ginger can thrive. I can come out from the darkness and into the sunshine. Jumpers, trainers, coats and scarfs (all bought from ZARA) will cover my pale skin making sure I won’t burn. Winter is truly the best season, all you have to do is change one letter and you get Winner.

I already have my ZARA love list in my head ready for me to spend all my wages on. As I walk out the shop with a massive ZARA bag, I can be content at the fact I didn’t have to pay 5p extra for the bag. Just give me 5 more minutes, until I remember that I’ve just spent all my money and cry into my empty bank account.




Advent calendars.

Gone are the days of the £2 American chocolate advent calendars, that your mum told you would be disgusting but you wouldn’t listen, because she’s never right. Chocolate is out and ‘beauty’ calendars are in. Its basically another present, a countdown of small presents until you get the big presents on the 25th.

We have filtered through beauty calendars for you (you can thank us later), here are our favourites.

Oh and just giving you the heads up, they ain’t cheap, you often only get a countdown of 12… and they are travel sizes. But sometimes a girl just needs one!

£50 or below:Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.33.59.jpg

  • Tanya Burr 12 sweet days, £30 (Superdrug currently have it on sale). You get glitter pots, glitter liners, lip glosses and nail polishes. Perfect for those christmas parties
  • Superdrug Bloom 12 days of christmas. £24 (Superdrug currently have it on sale). Perfumes and lots of perfumes. Great for girls that love smellies or great for those that could do with freshening up.
  • NYX Lippie Countdown. £50. 24, yes a 24 day countdown. Thank you NYX! Lipsticks, creams and gloss. If you are planning on kissing people under the mistletoe, this calendar is for you.
  • Ciaté. £50. We had last years version of this, and loved it. Every shade you could possibly need and glitters to match. (also a 24 day countdown) If you get this one or buy it for someone you’ve nailed it.


  • OPI £63. If you want to treat a nail fanatic this year, how about this? This 24 day Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.35.18.jpgcountdown contains 25 3.75ml nail polishes, in a range of colours.
  • Clinique. £75.  Everything you need in one handy box. Skincare, makeup and a blush brush. It has it all.
  • Clarins. £90. The best of their skincare, in a calendar. If you are like us and adore their products, then this could be the one. Anyway skincare is important, you need to look good when you sit on Santas lap to ask for a new handbag.

£100 and counting…

  • Molten Brown. £165. keeps you smelling nice for 24 days. Santa’s a lucky guy.
  • Esteé Lauder. £125. This could be the prettiest looking calendar this year. Filled with the leading brands skincare, makeup and hair essentials. What more could a beauty addict ask for???
  • Jo malone. £300. Everyones favourite christmas present, in an advent calendar. Mini fragrances, washes and candles, the ultimate advent calendar, just try and not cry at the price.
  • Diptyque Paris. £300. Another eye watering price. Theres no way of getting round the expense but it is filled with the best products… and you get free delivery. So you’re saving money right??… only costs £300 rather than £303.75.
  • Fenwick (in store only). £150 This is the one I’m most excited about. It has everything, just like a sunday roast with all the trimmings. Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Esteé Lauder, NARS, Giorgio Armani, we could go on and on! brb just running to Fenwick to buy this, surely someone will lend us the money. Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 00.32.26

If you have just rolled your eyes and said ‘so bloody american’ then are you a farmer? Because our dad did the same.

Christmas is by far the best time of the year, and we have birthdays that last the whole month. You get to eat as much as you like, watch as many films as humanly possible, you get to wear four thousand layers (approx.) and your dad finally lets you put the heating on.

So we say, treat yourself or someone else. Splash out on a ridiculously expensive advent calendar, but I promise every morning you will be singing loud for all too hear… Thats the best way to spread Christmas cheer.

Be quick, they often sell out very quickly, so start dropping subtle little hints. MUM, MADDEY WANTS THE NYX ADVENT CALENDAR, WE ARE ALSO HAPPY TO SHARE THE FENWICK ONE. There are thousands of brands jumping on this bandwagon, all varying in price, these are just some of our favourites.