Bedroom Furniture- Interior Design.

Hey MTV, Welcome to my crib. (i’ve always wanted to say that.. that and the disney channel magic wand intro, a girl can dream).

I would say I spend more time in my bedroom than anywhere else in the world. This may be because the 7 alarms cannot wake me or the fact that my room has become the comfiest place in the house.

I haven’t changed my room a crazy amount. I have done the traditional Barbie (with the coolest pink sparkly walls), too Groovy Chick and now the adult sanctuary I have to date. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Groovy Chick. She’s so hip and cool, however, it didn’t help my street cred. The one thing that has remained the same, my bed. This single bed was my first and its still going strong. Its been through the wars. Shout out to my brother, who thought it would be a great idea to jump on it… as an adult. The nail polish I tested on it over the years or the sellotape which has been stuck there since Christmas 2007. Nothing can break it.

I basically, redesigned my room around this bed. I was given the chance to change it but instead I chose a rather delightful built in wardrobe. Walking around Fenwick I found the most beautiful wardrobe by Hammonds. “Palladian” a classic look for any room. A white finished wardrobe with Swarovski crystal handles. Glamorous but not tacky, the true aim of my life. After fluttering my lashes at my dad, I got the matching bed side table, which has become a great dumping ground for water bottles and tubes of smarties.  Now, I hear you ask, are the handles necessary? no, but do they make you feel like a princess when you open it to try and find something to wear? absolutely. DSC_0121.jpg

The last furniture pieces I have in my crib, a side table to match the 100000 year old bed. An ottoman which is the all important shoe box. But as of last week, a TkMaxx find. It could be the find of the year, a chair. Everyone has a chair. The chair. Its not a chair to sit on really, I just looks good and its a great storage solution for clothes that haven’t made it back into the wardrobe. The chair is funky. Groovy chick standard of cool. Cow print, wooden legs, silver caps on the feet. COOL. The fabric colour fits perfectly into the room. In the light the fabric has a pink hue, without light its your classic cow colour a sort of dirty white with bluey, blacky patches. And as I’m a little extra it’s sat on a sheepskin rug. Told you i’m cool.IMG_2685.JPG

Now I am slightly biased and trying hard not to be hifalutin*… but I think this room is the bees knees. Its the Call Me Maybe for Carly Rae Jepsen, a smash hit that I probably won’t be able to repeat.




*hifalutin is a word I don’t actually know but its sounds fancy… I think it means brag/cocky etc



Chair: TkMaxx/Home Sense find

Rug: LUDDE Off-white Sheepskin IKEA

Ottoman: IKEA