calling for consistency

Being a girl is so much harder than being a boy. Boys; Small, Medium, Large…simple. Girls; Small, Medium, Large but even though you are a uk 10 you might need a large in that top but an extra small in that one… and yes you will defiantly need to try it on.

So Maddey and I visited Zara for the first time (in 2 days) and realised that the sizings are utter bull. To us, the size isn’t as important, we simply like clothes that fit. Knowing Zara, we have to try everything on. Which is a nightmare because changing rooms are always really hot and I have to try really hard not to get makeup/fake tan on clothes that I can’t buy because daddy didn’t give me his credit card. LIFE IS TOUGH.

I exercise now  round of applause, and managed to get into a medium sized trouser. Happy days I thought, smaller size means new clothes. I headed to Zara to buy some new trousers in the new smaller size. I came crashing back down from my new body high when only the XL fit. WTF. SERIOUSLY. Now, I knew that it was just the stupid sizing. But, if I was a young girl that had self-esteem issues this would have really affected the way I saw myself. As a society we lust over the ‘skinny, 6ft models’ that we see on our social media on a daily basis. Women idolise such attributes and deem them to be ‘perfect and beautiful’. There is nothing wrong with being a size Large, if you live an active and healthy lifestyle, and of course nothing wrong with being an extra small if you live an active and healthy lifestyle. But in a world that is obsessed with self image we need better continuity in women sizings.

We need to stop producing clothes which are as diverse in their sizings. Girls that are a Small should be able to buy a small in any shop. Maddey (a fit size 8) had to buy a Large in a denim skirt from Zara. Maddey is CLEARLY not a Large (Zara says a uk 14 is equivalent to their L). I can’t help but think this must have a detrimental effect on women. A size 8 is not Large. No girl should be forced to go up a couple of sizes.

Some women and young girls are ‘dieting’ in order to be a extra small in clothing, this is incredibly dangerous as we don’t have accurate sizing. These girls could be a uk 8 but needing to buy medium/large etc giving them a false image of their bodies. This is not a fact but I think there must be a correlation between the sizing issue and body dysmorphia/ eating disorders.

Understandably, women sizing must be hard to produce, the majority of men are ‘up and down’ one body shape, for women we have those things called boobs… and hips… and an ass. Surely within this we can have some consistency. Maybe its time for the leading clothing stores to come together and create a more consistent clothing sizes for their manufactures to produce.

 Make a small a small and a large a large. Lets not be clothing sizing fluid, these labels are important.


exclaimer: daddy never gives me the card, even though I ask really really nicely




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