Why are you wearing that?

Night out fashion has changed dramatically in recent years. Luckily we have moved from corset belts and PVC.

Maddey and I have put together a list of outfit DO NOTS for the that big night out…

So, please stop:


We are not just saying this because we are from the North but seriously, why are you wearing a coat in a club? Embrace the temperature and have a boogie, it will keep you warm. I mean it’s hardly like we live in the artic. Anyway, you’ll just get too hot and have to pay for it to go into the clock room?? likeee just go without one for free!!!

Shell jackets.

Nothing shouts Eddie the Eagle quite like these.. are you planning on skiing down the stairs Madame Koos?? Lets take off the ‘vintage’ retro ski jackets that you bought to help you find yourself at uni!! Yes it helped to look indie and cool but now it looks like a pill poppin’, red stripe drinker, glitter junkie fresher. And that ain’t cool.

Cycling shorts.

Hadn’t realised Chris Hoy started to do meet and greet in clubs. Strangest fashion ever. Nude cycling shorts… errm sorry what??? Actually, not just nude every colour is bad. Where do you even buy these?  or did you happen to find your old middle school P.E. kit, in that Jane Norman bag?? If you are wearing these, please get out of the club and head to the velodrome, you might have more luck there.

Boob tops.

Can someone explain these tops, half your boob is on show? The nips are hidden so you can load your outfit pic on to Instagram and not get it taken down for indecency.  You could have Kim K boobs and this top will still look bad. We just don’t the logistics of how your boobs don’t end up falling out of this top???? Do you have to use boob tape to secure them? What happens when you start drunk dancing?  Does one not pop out to say hello every so often? You, for sure, must have one hell of a friend to be on that kind of boob watch all night!! Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 15.45.09

Night out fashion has changed…and I’m not sure if it’s for the better or not??

Saying that, when El used to go to OUT OUT she looked like a child in a skater dress. She was a fashionable child.. you know the saying:

Once a Tammy girl always a Tammy girl x




What do you think about night-out fashion? Leave a comment!



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