Lush bath bombs

If you know me, you will know I work a very stressful 2 days a week…not stressful in the slightest but I have just had jaw surgery, so let me off. I work in a the type of coffee shop with those coffee shop smells (if you know, you know)! It’s also a cyclists hot-spot, so when I leave I tend to smell like sweaty 70yr old men… not the nicest smell on the planet. (They also wear lycra which sort of burns your eyes, but that’s beside the point)

As a creature of habit, I always have a lush bath bomb on a Sunday evening, just for lols. As I don’t have dreads, I’m not cool enough to work for them, but I have tried the majority of bath bombs they sell. Some are great, some I regret the decision to throw the full thing in. Saying that you should always look at the positives soooo….

Here are my favourite Lush bombs:

  1. The Experimenter (bath bomb) it’s pink and blue and has popping candy. 10/10 insta-ble. oh and it smells incredible!
  2. Intergalactic (bath bomb) Basically you just turn all your lights off then pretend to be Tim Peake. if you are not familiar with real astronauts you can pretend to be buzz lightyear. This one also has glitter so win-win for all.
  3. lava lamp (bath bomb). I can’t find it online but its orange and purple and is the bestest.
  4. karma (bubble bar) simply crumble a little bit under running water (don’t do a me and burn your fingers trying to get gentle crumble video) and sit back and let it send you off into a relaxed place.
  5. the comforter (bubble bar). Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.
  6. candy mountain– (bubble bar) The best bubble bath ever. simplessss.
  7. razzle dazzle– (bath oil.) If you are not in the mood for anything too extra, try a bath oil. It will leave your skin as soft as a babies bum

We all love a bath bomb video, i’ll refuse to be friends with someone if they don’t put a  classic bath bomb insta-story. One to Four on my list are the fun coloured ones. y’no the ones you shout your family members in to see. yes ellie very impressive, please put a towel on.  Five and six are bubble.. lots of bubbles. For the days you want the film-like bath with the bubbles over flowing and a LARGE glass of wine.

Just remember to rinse the bath afterwards… nobody needs to see that bath bomb grime!


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