Skincare- El vs Maddey

This is a what to do when you can’t afford facials…. Its a EL Vs Mad skin routine!


For my skincare, I tend to combine Higher end and Lower end products. I am also a creature of habit, if I find something I like, I stick with it.

Just like trampolining, I’ve got my routine down to the T.

Micellar water. I’m still not 100% sure how you say it or what it does… but I start with it. It seems to take most of my makeup off!!

On a sunday; I add L’oreal mask into the mix. Pure Clay- Blemish rescue.

Next step is Clarins: Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleasing Cream Cleanser. I have seen mixed reviews about this product. I don’t have a bad word to say about it. It’s a good price for the amount you get.. and it doesn’t burn like a few others I have tried, but then again, I do have sensitive skin. I use just a little bit and massage it into the skin. I work from the middle of my face to the outer, I heard this relieves tension. however it could just be BS…. This cleanser lifts even more makeup off which is still sitting in my pores.

Now I face not my body. no sit ups for Ellie. Clarins: Extra- Comfort Tonifiante. I use a small amount on a cotton pad then once again go from the middle and work out, removing the cleanser. This is when I realise how much makeup was still on my face after the micellar water. When the pad is looking gross, I change it. Also, fun fact- this products contains a plant called Marsh Mallow. Back in the day Egyptians took the sap from this plant mixed it with honey making the first ever marshmallows. The recipe was adapted in 1800s which makes the marshmallows we all love today, not taken from wikipedia

My last step is moisturiser. Straight under my eyes goes the Clinique all about eyes. Face moisturisers I juggle with are: Clinique Moisture surge, Clinique Redness solution or the Clarins HydraQuench cream-mask (recently, this has been burning my face so I don’t reach for it). I put a tonne of this on, I’m so waxed up I could swim the channel.

A bit of lip balm and I’m ready for bed!

Basically I go the extra mile… is it worth it?? not a clue but it makes me feel good….



My skin routine is short and snappy, sooo just like myself I guess lmao

After a regular day of wearing makeup, I use Micellar water to take off my makeup, I go through A LOT of cotton pads but I think that’s because I wear a lot of make up, but I ain’t no catfish thank you very much Eleanor. 

After taking off my makeup, I go in the shower. This is where I exfoliate using St. Ives face scrub. To be honest I’m very lucky and have REALLY good skin!! A bad skin day for me is maybe one or two spots or blemishes…well… it is now!! When I first went on the pill my skin was OUT OF CONTROL like seriously bad and nothing would help. But, thankfully my skin has gone back to normal and evened out!! but this face scrub really helped me get back on track!! I then go in with No.7 skin melting cleanser. This product is kinda confusing cos its a gel but as soon as it touches your skin it literally disappears. I just gently massage the gel into my skin until it turns to oil or until I think its been long enough to wash it off. Then I just stand with my face in the water like I’m on a herbal essences advert…

Once I get out, I do NOT pat dry my face with a towel or anything of the sort!! I just let it dry naturally. When its dry I put on Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream (and yeah darlings..I know what you’re thinking) and….that’s  it!!!

basically I shower and wash my face…not as exciting as Ellie’s.

Maybe you don’t need to spend thousands on moisturisers like El or like Maddey you are simply a shower washer.. either way you will be doing it right!








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