The dream and the dupe.

Remember when you were at school and you would plead with your mum to buy you the Rebel Rebel trousers but she would always buy you M&S because the quality was second to non? Well this post is the opposite. Turns out, money doesn’t grow on trees and your mum will stop funding your life..unbelievable. Sadly one day, you might have to buy the cheaper version. But for all 13 year olds out there, I hope those trousers are 100% out of fashion!

Here are my favourite dupes at the moment!

Zara Oversized Chenille Sweater £29.99 vs Tesco F&F Chenille Boxy Jumper £14.00. I loved the Zara version (in every colour) but I thought Ellie just wait, don’t spend all your money at once. So as I popped into Tesco to buy some Milk. I left with a new jumper… and no milk… Thank you Mr Tesco, very helpful. In all seriousness, this F&F jumper is Fabulous&Fashionable. Oh and no-one thinks its from Tesco. (I actually have it in black not pink).Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.14.10

Gucci-Ace White Leather Trainers £495.00 vs Zara Printed Plimsolls with Studs £39.99. Ok OK, these are not that similar but they are close enough. I am patiently waiting for these to come in stock… but I’m also patiently waiting to buy the real deal. Its like I’m on Deal or No Deal and the banker has given me the Zara ones but I’m not sure if the gucci’s are in my box y’know. Do I just risk it for a chocolate biscuit??Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.14.51

Oliver Bonas- Sharp Tide Side Skirt £49.50 vs Lipsy London- Wrap Skrit £28.00. As I’m a little (replace little with extremely) obsessed with Oliver Bonas I had to buy the skirt. Like Zara, every time I go in I leave with something. Maybe I need help. If you are tall like me (or if like to keep things dignified) this skirt is the perfect length. The only cheeks anyone will see are the ones that are flawlessly contoured… on your face.Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.16.57

Gucci- Horsebit Brixton Loafers £540.00 vs Fairfax and Favor- The Apsley Black Loafers £175.00. I adore my Fairfax & Favor loafers… apart from that time I wore them without pop socks to walk two miles in the hot Leeds sun. Thank you for the Savlon Sophia, the blisters only took about three months to heal. With these on your feet you look tailored to the max.Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.26.13

Gucci Logo Cotton T-shirt £370 vs Levi’s Perfect Graphic Tee £25.00. If you are wanting to look effortlessly cool in a pair of jeans, a baggy t-shirt and a pair of converse. Then you need a graphic tee. In my dreams I wear the Gucci Tee but £370 for a cotton T-shirt. £370. £370?? Three Hundred and Seventy Pounds.Im going to say it once more £370? WTF. If you were to buy the Levi’s one, you could buy 14 for the same price as the Gucci. Thats a new one every month.Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.40.55

Sophia Webster- Stella Ankle Boots £505.00 vs River Island Black pointed Embellished block heel £45.00. Same Same but Different. If you are thinking a black ankle boot with a little extra wow factor.. head to RI! I’m not a big shopper of River Island but I had to buy these boots! Unless you are the big spender then you might as well buy the Sophia Webster’s because they are dreamy as!Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 15.19.13

Im still thinking about that Gucci T-shirt.. in what world is that price ok for a t-shirt?! If I ever see anyone wearing it from now on, I will shake their hand to congratulate them, then I would slap them and inform them how stupid the price is! wow I sound like a mother.

Sometimes the Dupe is enough. Yes its not the real deal. Yes if its from ZARA then everyone will buy it. But it won’t break the bank…. well it might depending on how many you buy. 

One thing to remember is if its cheap… it might not last that long. Back in the day, those Rebel Rebel pants were ruined on a weekly basis, but they only cost £10! Wearing them seemed to be “cool” but really it was tacky. Really, really tacky. And chavvy. If you paired those trousers, with a little brown bag (for a lunch bag) and a Jane Norman (for a PE bag) you were going places. Sometimes, its better to spend more and get a better quality product over buying the cheapest thing to save the pennies.

So with that in mind, go internet shopping on Harrods. Fill you basket, watch those pennies turn into thousands. Then close that window forget about designers and head for the high street!





All images taken from brands website.




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