Luxurious Handbag Collection

Anyone that knows my family will know that I am exactly like my Auntie Sue, not only because we are the shortest in the family, not because we both have brown hair, brown eyes and skin that tans naturally, not even because we have very similar personalities, but because we both LOVE handbags!!!!!

I really enjoy reading and watching about other people’s collections, so Ellie and I decided that we would do some blog posts all about our collections, such as jackets, makeup, handbags, shoes etc.

If you love handbags as much as myself, Ellie (and Auntie Sue) then keep on reading:


These first two bags (Ellies on left, Maddey’s on the right) are our 18th birthday Mulberry handbags! We both got ours in the shop in Mulberry York! Ellie’s is the Classic Bayswater in chocolate brown (we think they may have stopped doing this colour, but oxblood is a similar colour, just a bit more purple!). When I went to pick out my bag, I tried on this BEAUTIFUL bright red bayswater but apparently it looked stupidly big on my little body!! So instead I chose this limited edition Del Rey leather bag in Oak. WE LOVE THEM, THANKS MUM AND DAD!!!

(sorry for the bad pics, Ellie’s’ camera is wayyyyy better than my iPhone!)…anyway, this bag is my everyday handbag, it is the Louis Vuitton speedy 25 bag in monogram canvas! This bag was originally Ellie’s but I mean whats hers is mine and what is mine is mine, makes sense right?!!! This bag is so versatile and is just the right size for everything you need on a shopping trip: purse, phone, glasses case and sunglasses case (+the tee towel to fill it out at the bottom!).


This bag is my trusty Michael Kors Fulton bag in brown. I got this bag for Christmas maybe 3 or 4 years ago?! I remember pointing it out to my mum in Edinburgh and then weirdly not noticing she was carrying around a massive Jenners bag around all day! It is a super slouchy, soft leather bag which used to be my school bag but is now my uni bag (yes, I was that girl who had MK bag as her school bag) . It is like Mary Poppin’s bag, in that, it is so deep that you can literally start pulling out hat stands, big mirrors..“but theres nothing in it?!…well never just things by their appearance, even carpet leather bag. Because I never do”

This is Ellie’s little black bag. A classic, just like a Little black dress. Everyone needs one! She uses this bag as her out out bag. Its the perfect size for keys, phone, purse, medium fries. See the zip that runs around the lid of the bag… its a secret pocket! Very very practical!

now this bag, is my most favourite, most beautiful thing I own. I got this GORGEOUS Chloe bag as a well done present for being the cleverest in the family (you’re welcome mum and dad). Me and Ellie saw this bag just sitting there in Fenwick bag department and we went weak at the knees! This bag is the bag of all bags and my all time favourite. As our dad always tells us “understated wealth, that is the aim” and this bag is just that! Not too flashy and in your face but enough to make you think ‘mm nice bag’!!

This is my going out bag, this matches all my outfits as it is neutral coloured and is the right size for my keys, money, phone and plans to get home. (I don’t actually take keys out so, change that to perfume!). This bag the DKNY Sutton Leather small cross body bag. It comes with a long and short strap but I only ever use the short one. I got this bag for passing my GCSEs cos you know they’re REALLY hard… but it has lasted me so well on many wild nights out and always made it home in once piece!


So these are our favourite designer bags that we have at the minute! Hope you enjoyed this little post into our handbag wardrobe!

Mads x


links to our bags (or similar bags)

Ellie’s mulberry:

Maddey’s mulberry (not exact bag, this one is smaller but you get the gist):

Maddey’s Louis Vuitton bag:

Maddey’s Michael Kors bag:

Ellie’s Michael Kors bag:

Maddey’s DKNY bag:

Maddey’s Chloe bag:


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