Friday night fashion

Its no secret that I do love a night out!! But, since moving to Manchester I don’t really go out anymore mainly because the nights out are so bad compared to at home… I guess I’m the most boring fresher ever?! Soooo, whenever I come home, I go out with my best friend, Becca. We tend to (as in always) go to YOLO and House of Smith on Friday’s. Apart from the double vodka blackcurrant lemonades, we both LOVE getting all glam, even though we know we will inevitably look a mess in Greggs at 3:00am standing in our Primark flipflops from the toilet ladies (shout out to Madeleine in the House of Smith toilets, i’m sorry for shouting “WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!!!” love you babe!!)

Now, recently a lot of people have been saying how much i have changed, Ellie said i have grown into my head and I no longer look like an alien, but to be honest i think its just that i dress A LOT better than how I used to when I first started going to town. Tamar don’t worry, my skirt is not getting shorter in each Instagram now!!! 

Its usually about the Monday when I start thinking about what to wear for the night out, I send pictures to Ellie and Becca saying “yay or nay?”..recently I have been really feeling what me and Ellie are calling the “classy yet sexy kinda of glam”. I love the silver/grey colours/shades at the minute and think that it looks amazing with my dark hair and eyes.

Basically, I just thought I’d show some of my favourite recent looks!!!


This look was what I wore 4 days ago, the dress is from Pretty Little Thing for £28. ovbiosuly the plunge is quite drastic, at first we put a red and black lacy bra on underneath but it looked too much and we decided it needed to be more pretty and subtle (if that’s what you can call having a plunge to your belly button??), so we chucked on this pretty bra from Boux! The shoes are from miss guided but I bought them a while ago! We loved the look and i was able to dance the night away perfectly fine without feeling sometime was going to fall out!


So, if you have Ellie on Snapchat this is the skirt that came down to just above my ankles lol i’m so short. The skirt, that is originally meant to be a midi skirt, is from Pretty Little Thing and is this really soft, almost velvety kind of vibes. The frilly cream top is from River Island, we both don’t usually shop in River Island anymore as we find their designs are just a bit meh, but recently they’ve upped their game and every so often I will pop in, thats if i can be bothered to walk 20 mins to the Arndale Centre! The bag is DKNY, Choker from Tesco (don’t knock F&F) and the shoes…omg the shoes…hold onto your hats lads…cost me £1. You can’t even buy a chicken bake with £1. Ellie once forced me to a charity shop were we found these brand new heels from River Island (I think)!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This look was from my 19th birthday, i came to the conclusion that its my birthday i can wear as much  sparkle as i want! This amazing dress is from In The Style, my pom pom shoes (deceivingly comfy) are from Missguided! There’s not much to say about this look, the dress says it all!!!!

You can take the girl out of Newcastle but can never take Newcastle out the girl…It’s Becca’s birthday night out in 2 weeks so see you then HOS!!!

mads x



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