Nine times out of ten I say ‘its from ZARA’. I love it… not the website though, thats a wee bit stressful. The models should also get told how to stand, but thats not the point. The point is that I have ‘bought’ a few new pieces in ZARA recently. Shock.

If you are thinking I should go to ZARA, then let me give you some new rules. 1. try everything it on, the sizes are crazy. In one thing you could be a S and in another a XXL. 2. Look, look and look again. Its like crossing the road. They pile their stock up, clothes are behind other clothes. 3. Give ZARA your life and go at least 3 times a week, their stock rotation is impressive. You can thank myself and Dua Lipa for our rules later.

My current favourite ZARA purchases:

This pompom jumper, I just think its really cool. And if I’m ever in need of another job I can easily become a clown. Oversized, grey with pompoms, I didn’t know I needed such jumper but ZARA knew I did.DSC_0230

A simple black bag. I have heart eyed over this bag for years… well the chanel one but this is very similar. Its really not, but we can pretend. For the price (£80) I was laughing. Sort of. Technically mum bought me it, for my birthday.. but the exchange of money isn’t the important part right?!. Everyone comments on how ‘lush’ the bag is. I could be naked and someone would tell me my bag is lush. eyes up here lads, eyes   up    here.DSC_0277

Velvet. Platform. Brogues. Going once, going twice, going three times.. Sold to Christopher and Aileen. Thank you Cj and Ails these shoes are my fav. Don’t know what else to say about these really. If you feel good you look good. tbh it was all Aileen, well done for picking up on ZARA love list!DSC_0284

If you buy the shoes you should buy this jacket too. There are a few things in life that go together: Fish and chips, knifes and forks, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, Maddey and a Greggs Chicken bake. Some things are made to go together. A biker style jacket, that on their website they zip up fully. Not sure why though, nobody wears a jacket zipped up. Thats not how you wear a jacket. Why I hear you ask, its called fashion darling.dsc_0271.jpg

If you think ZARA its just full of cheap frills, then you are sort of wrong. Its true some stuff is tacky (and I hate it). Some stuff has “funny” puns on the front… or on the back. And some stuff would only fit an eight year old. But you can find absolute gems. Make sure you buy whatever you like straight away though.. otherwise you will be wearing that coat along with everyone else in the country. yes Maddey, you had it first.

Now its winter, this fake ginger can thrive. I can come out from the darkness and into the sunshine. Jumpers, trainers, coats and scarfs (all bought from ZARA) will cover my pale skin making sure I won’t burn. Winter is truly the best season, all you have to do is change one letter and you get Winner.

I already have my ZARA love list in my head ready for me to spend all my wages on. As I walk out the shop with a massive ZARA bag, I can be content at the fact I didn’t have to pay 5p extra for the bag. Just give me 5 more minutes, until I remember that I’ve just spent all my money and cry into my empty bank account.





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