The way to my heart is with three M’s: Mojitos, Margaritas and Mcflurry’s. I’m not a massive party gal, i’m more of a drinking cocktails, snapping an Instagram and having a catch up with friends kind. Thats one way Maddey and I are different, she can party the night away in a pair of 6″ heels. It’s rumoured that Maddey was Beyonce’s muse for the song 6 INCH, but I’m not sure if thats true.

I have tried many a time to make cocktails and they always taste a tad rubbish. My presentation skills are also not great. Mainly because my family collected all our glasses from McDonalds, you all know the ones, you bought a large meal you got a free glass. Winner Winner McChicken sandwich dinner.

Wine. Vodka. Lucozade Orange. The ingredients of the last cocktail I made. I think, don’t really remember it to be honest.

If you are reading this and you are not from Newcastle, let me tell you its not as trashy as Geordie Shore makes out. You have a never ending list of drinking spots. If you are like me and love a cocktail or two, here are my favourite places to go.

The Botanist. A pretty building overlooking Earl Grey chilling on his monument. Thank you for the tea sir. It won’t shock you to say these cocktails are very flowery. I would recommend the Raspberry Mojito, classic. The Blackberry and Mint Julep is also berry berry nice.

Jalou. A place dedicated to cocktails and RnB. (thats what they say on their website). The only reason I have added this to my favourite cocktail bars is because of the thursday 2-4-1 offer. I also haven’t been in a long time but I went to the one in York recently so I basically have. The bubblegum Daiquiri is popping.


The Alchemist. The list of cocktails is huge! If you go here, you want a cool one. I would recommend the Bubble Bath, Tanqueray Gin, Aperol, Chambord, Lemon, Apple, Fairy Liquid. InstagramableI wouldn’t recommend the Going Menthol, Bacardi Superior Rum, White Mint, Maraschino, Lime, Alchemist toothpaste, it’s like Oral B, but the B stands for bad.IMG_2877.jpg

Yolo Ponteland. Great for those country bumpkins or pumpkins as I thought it was for 19 years of my life. I also found out the saying isn’t ‘lonely’ child but an ‘only’ child.  This place is great for all. So tell your mother, your brother, your sister and your friends. Why stop there? tell your others, your lovers, both past and present tense. Channel your inner Christina and grab the sweet, sugar Candymanpants.

JamJar. Jesmond is not short of bars but this one is up there with my favourite. Cocktails served in a jam jar. I still can’t work out why they named themselves JamJar though, seems a bit random. The drinks are simple, and delicious.IMG_2878.jpg

Sohe. Another Jesmond bar. A bar that whisks you off to the far east, this Asian inspired menu, is not one you would find anywhere else. (Maddey, I don’t miss you, but, please come home from uni soon so we can go for some cocktails.)

Hopefully after reading this, you fancy a cocktail or two. I can’t wait to see your boomeranging Instagram story. Lets hope you go for an actual cocktail rather than a Purple Rain from Wetherspoons. You can get that Instagram pitcher off my feed.



PS. I’ll have a crunchie Mcflurry.


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