Coffee, Cake and Bras…all best things come in cups

Hi, my name is Maddey and i’m addicted to buying matching sets of underwear (i wish i was joking)

So, differently to Ellie I have pretty normal sized boobs and so find it very easy to buy bras that fit me well. I buy my all my bras from Boux Avenue…and when i say bras i actually mean i HAVE TO spend the extra £14 (ish) so i can have a matching set! Correct if I’m wrong (I’m not), but there is something about wearing matching underwear that makes you feel like you can conquer the world!

I recently went to the Metro Centre  with my mum to buy some “birthday bras”…best presents ever!! Naturally, we walked in and took the biggest inhale of breath you can possibly do, best yoga class of my life…in through the nose, out through the mouth. There is something about the smell of Boux that i just ADORE and if you disagree then i actually don’t think i can be your friend, “you can’t sit with us”.

Like my sister, I always have a bra fitting. I actually quite enjoy them. A lovely girl called Darcy fitted me a couple weeks ago, she was so so so helpful and gave me recommendations for future. She measured me at a 32E and my recommended style is plunge. She just kept bringing in bra after bra after bra, repeating the same ones but in different colours, and i was thinking to myself ‘why is she making me try all these bras on?’, but i happily went along with it…only to find out it was because my mum was sneakily out there buying other stuff in the shop!! (thanks mum, they’re the comfiest pjs ever!). Once i was finished, we went to the “sale boxes” and did possibly THE girliest thing ever of searching through boxes and boxes of underwear to find some bargains..£2 for knickers!!!! £2!!!

Bra shopping can be and usually is very expensive, and the bras I like are always the expensive ones but they’re pretty so worth the price tag.

Here are some of my must haves that are currently in shops and online:

Sandy plunge bra

Sandy plunge bra. This is part of the Amber loves Boux collection which are stunning bras. The material is super soft and the delicate floral detail is so flattering and pretty. I wish they did this bra is more colours!!! A nice white and pastel mint green or duck egg blue would look amazing.

Annette plunge bra

Annette lace bra. I have it in this blush colour, but can also get it in black, black/purple and dove. The mesh ruching on the cups is very flattering and makes your boobs looks more round. I love the lace trim and now i know you can buy it in so many colours i will be buying more of this style!

Sexy padded low plunge U bra

Sexy Padded Low Plunge U-bra. This bra is a game changer. The low U shape front is finished with a pretty lace trim. Smooth padded cups ensure a great shape, while multi-way straps mean you can wear this style halter neck and cross back too. The bra comes with an additional strap to convert to low back.

Microfibre moulded strapless bra

Microfibre moulded Strapless Bra. This nude strapless bra excels in comfort, support and shape. The super soft and durable microfibre caresses your skin, while the wide elastic back hugs rather than rubs your frame. It also has handy straps that reposition along the cup to hide under any dress.

However, as much as I ADORE underwear in general, there is NOTHING better than taking off your bra at the end of the day!!!




Sandy plunge bra, £30.

Annette lace bra, £30.

Sexy Padded Low Plunge U-bra, £30.

Microfibre moulded Strapless Bra, £28


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