The battle of moisturisers

Think Game of Thrones, Vikings, that big fight in Vegas. You could even think bigger, Jungle Run and it doesn’t come close to the battle of moisturisers.

The three I have been trying lately are all Clinique. A brand that is often associated with the older generation, has now become a firm favourite of mine. Maybe I’m old.DSC_0138.jpg

My skin, what is my skin type?? Every time I sit in a Makeup artists chair I panic. The one simple question. What would you say your skin type is? I normally answer with an “errmm normal, yeah normal.. maybe dry, and sometimes a bit oily”. I should just answer, I don’t know. Its skin-like. But one thing I do know is that I have a very red skin tone, which goes even redder when some says “you’ve gone red” cheers for that.

The first moisturiser, I have been using for the last 3 years or so.. Moisture Surge. Now I’m a BIG fan. A bigger fan for this, than the dreamboat that is Harry Styles. It is very cooling for the skin, hydrating also. When I first put it on, I look like I’ve just ran my face under a tap but my face ‘drinks’ it up. I use it daily, just before bed, as it is a gel, it soaks into my face quickly. It doesn’t feel sticky like many gels I have used. I sometimes, that is if I remember, put some on before my makeup. Now I don’t know if it does anything, but people on youtube do it and I feel they have the key to life, so i’ll happily copy.


I was given a sample of the Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate. I’m pretty sure thats a name of a racing car in Cars but i’ll go with it. I find this product very heavy for my day to day regime. I think it would be perfect for flights. When you step onto an aeroplane you fly so high that the water in your skin evaporates. (I do not know if this the actual fact, but still your face defiantly becomes dryer). Or even after a workout, a thing I don’t do. One day I will sign up for the gym. If you do go to the gym, you can put this product in the fridge next to your water bottle and use as cold refreshing gel after your workout. DSC_0138.jpg

The Redness Solution relief cream, is the final moisturiser. It is a extra- gentle cream that helps with redness. This is a very calming moisturiser, if it could talk it would telling everything is going to be ok. I use this moisturiser when I use the Redness foundation (number 1), it’s a partnership made in heaven. Like Waitrose and free coffee. The only problem with this moisturiser is the price tag. £41. If I was Amelia Mignonette Thermopiles Renaldi Princess of Genovia, I don’t think I would bat a eyelid at the price tag. Unfortunately, my grandma did not tell me I was a princess on my 18th birthday. How rude.


If this was Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock is Moisture surge, Paper is Supercharged and Scissors is Redness solution. I would play rock every time.




Moisture Surge. £34- 50ml. 5 STARS:

Moisture surge Supercharged Concentrate. £34-48ml. 3 STARS

Redness Solution Relief Cream. £41-50ml. 4 STARS




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