quick Q and A

We thought a Q and A or Panda as autocorrect would have you to believe, is the perfect place to start.

*pauses for 30 minutes as we try to think of questions*

What is your favourite beauty product?

E: Charlotte Tilbury magic Foundation or the Naked HEAT palette. yes HEAT has to be in capitals as its increddddible.

M: It would have to be bronzer other wise my face just looks square.

What is your favourite food?

E: ice cream. ice cream. ice cream

M: 100% crimbo dinner. Its never too early or late for christmas. “this place reminds me of santas workshop… expect it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me” ELF.

What could you not leave the house without?

E: Sunglasses… Lip balm… A jacket, no matter how hot it is i’ll be wearing a jacket, I will also be regretting wearing the jacket.

M: ugh it has to be my phone but its also my camera, map and only way of knowing how many steps I have done so its important and needed right??? (btw my step count today is 11,584)

What is one thing you dream of owning?

E: Fashion wise, a Gucci Dionysus bag would go down a treat

M: Simple Hermes bag. A classic.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 18.21.01.jpg



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