Eyeshadow Connoisseur- Naked Heat

If you are like me and a little obsessed with eye shadow then we would get on very very well. Over the years I have become a collector of eyeshadow palettes, no colour is too bright nor glitter too sparkly.

From now on you can call me the eyeshadow connoisseur.

The latest palette I have added to the pile, is the NAKED HEAT. I am a lover of all Urban Decay shadows, both Maddey and I have quite the collection (smokey, 1,2 and 3) and use them as our ‘go to’ day eyes.

I have blue eyes, or as one guy said they were as blue as the ocean… what a flirt. Sadly, they are not as blue as the ocean and he did not get my number but they are blue. This means one thing Copper Copper Copper.

The Heat palette is full of fiery coppers and incredible glitters. And the brush.. unlike the other UD brushes.. is round. I have hooded eyes, so having the right shaped brush too me is more important than the colours! If you are thinking should I Shouldn’t I with this palette. The answer is Yes, Sí, Oui, Ja…. no matter the language it should be a YES!DSC_0117

What I like to use for my ‘day’ look.

  • All over my lid with SAUCED
  • LOW BLOW as a transition colour (sitting on top of my eye socket)
  • HE DEVIL and EN FUEGO mixed to together and blended into the socket
  • ASHES lightly blended in a V shape at the outer eye
  • EMBER put on the darkest base layers
  • SCORCHED in the middle
  • LUMBRE in the inner corner
  • OUNCE onto the tear duct

My biggest tip with eye shadow is blend. Blend everything, then blend again. You have to be the nutri bullet of eye shadow, every colour should just flow into the next. Well that is if you want it like this. If you’re wanting a more grungy look then I would calm down the blending.





DSC_0115DSC_0116Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow/Magic foundation (number 2), Film star glow for bronze and highlight. YSL mascara.

Now one down fall is literally the fall down. I don’t find this a massive problem, if I am going to go for a really dramatic eye, I do the shadow first. If its just a casual eye then the fall down is next to nothing, a quick wipe under the eye, a touch up of concealer/foundation and I’m ready to rock and roll.

I am yet to try these colours on Maddey with her massive  brown eyes, but I’m sure it will look dreamy.

I, The Eyeshadow Connoisseur, gives this product FIVE STARS, or if you are a Strictly fan a TEN FROM LEN.




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